FAQ's for custom stamps

here are just some questions i have received from past customers. if you have any other concerns or worries please reach out :)

how much does a custom stamp cost?

  • they typically start at $30 for a simple design and go up from there. if the design has text, lots of detail, they're going to cost a bit more than that. 

I want a custom stamp, but don't have a design. do you make them?

  • YES! i can create a design for you, but that will starting cost for that is $40 and depending on detail it will go up from there. i have some experience in custom designs and will be very transparent through the whole process.

how long until i receive my stamp?

  • the stamp takes 2-3 days to complete. that includes formatting the design to the size, carving the block and mounting/curing the stamp to wood. then once i get it to the post office, unless you pay for expedited shipping, then it takes about 2-3 days to get to you from the USPS. i try to stay updated with you throughout the whole process.

do you offer local pick-up?

  • YES! i am lucky enough to own a shop in Buffalo, The Blue House Collective, where we can schedule a time for you to pick up your stamp.

what ink pad do you recommend?

  • i use the vera fine ink pad that i really like. it's dark enough, easy to use, and you can buy ink to refill the pad. it's also cheap for the amount of times you can use the pad. you can get it on amazon :( or joann's.

is there a standard size for stamps?

  • i typically start at 4"x4". i think it's a good size to use on packaging, letters, and other branding things. i wouldn't go smaller than 3"x3" unless its a very simple design.
i bought a stamp, how do i keep her cleaned?
  • do not submerge the stamp in water. i use glue to secure the stamp to the wood and water could loosen up the glue? i'm not really sure if that is true but it just doesn't seem like a good idea. plus the wood is soft wood and can get all moldy if it doesn't try all the way. i have used isopropyl alcohol which cleans the stamp nicely, also baby wipes gets the job done.

i'm ready to start the process! how do i go about it?

  • yay! i am so excited to work with you! send an email over to thefemme.fatale93@gmail.com and we can start the process :)